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Welcome to the LAGS Website



FIRST GAME: 4-10-16


FESTIVAL: June 4 & 5, 2016

FESTIVAL RAIN DATES: June 11 & 12, 2016


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3rd Annual

Youth Soccer Night at the Barnstormers!!
Wednesday, May 18th

  • Players and coaches get in free.
  • Family and friends get $12 tickets
    for $8.
  • Parade of teams prior to the game.
  • Players accompany the ‘Stormers onto the field for the anthem.
  • First pitches and more.

Look for more details from your coach.

#     #     #

Parade of Teams 2015

A Good Time For All



LAGS Game Cancellation Policy


It is up to the home team coach to decide at least two hours before game time, if a game will be played or not.  If it is not to be played, he/she must notify the away team coach and the club’s ref assignor.


If a game is cancelled because of weather, field conditions, or any other reason:

  • Make-up games are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • Make-up games are scheduled by mutual consent of the two coaches involved.
  • Teams should attempt to make up cancelled games prior to the end of the season.
  • LAGS does not schedule make-up games because it has no access to field availabilities or team availabilities, especially on weeknights.
  • If a make-up game is played, report the score as usual.




Please check this website regularly incase any revisions are made
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If a document has been revised,
the revision date will be shown on the document and the changes will be highlighted in yellow on the document. Revisions will also be shown below.

The revision date or # in the chart below will correspond with the document. This will allow you to tell if you are working with the most recent version of the document.

Latest Revision Posted 5/5

Posted Club / Team Division Document(s) Revision
3/29 Manheim Central U10 8v8 Fields & Schedule Field Change (R-3/28)
3/29 Ephrata 1 U10 8v8 Team Phone # Change (R 3/31)
3/31 Cocalico 2 U10 8v8 Team Phone/Email Change (R 3/31)
3/31 Manheim C. 1 U10 8v8 Team Email Change (R 3/31)
3/31 Saint Anne 2 U10 8v8 Team Email Change (R 3/31)
4/1 Penn Legacy U10 8v8 Fields Field # Change to #5 (R1)
4/1 Lampeter U10 8v8 Fields & Schedule

Field # Changes and/ or Game Start Time Changes. (R 4/1)

4/1 Lampeter U12 11v11 Fields & Schedule
4/1 Lampeter U15 Fields & Schedule
4/2 Lancaster U10 6v6 Teams Email Change (R1 4/2)
4/2 PV U10 6v6 Fields & Schedule New Field Location (R 4/2)
4/7 PV U10 6v6 Teams Change of Email (R2 4/6)


(Multiple changes)

U10 8v8 Schedule

Game Start Time Changes

Dates: 4/24, 5/8, 5/22 (4/7)

4/8 Twelve2 U12, U15 Fields GPS Address was wrong. (4/8)
4/8 Octorara U12 8v8 Schedule Game 5/1 Time Change (R 4/8)
4/9 Ephrata U12 8v8 Schedule Game 5/22 Time Change (R 4/9)
4/10 Ephrata 2 U10 8v8 Teams Coach Phone # Added (R 4/10)
4/11 Cocalico 1 U10 8v8 Teams Coach Email Change (R 4/11)
4/19 Cocalico U15 Schedule

Game Start Time Changed for

5/1 Game (4/19)

4/27 Cocalico

U10 8v8

U12 8v8

Fields Field Number Change (4/27)
5/5 Garden Spot U12 8v8 Teams Coach Phone # Change (5/5)





No More Headers at Under-10 and Under-12


In keeping with the new Player Safety guidelines recently announced by the United States Soccer Federation, headers will no longer be allowed at the Under-10 and Under-12 levels at either practice or games.  An intentional header by a player during a game will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

Posted 3/14/16



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(Lancaster Area Girls Soccer)

LAGS is the governing body for Lancaster County's girls recreational youth soccer league. LAGS schedules all the league’s games for both the Spring (April & May) and Fall (September & October) seasons as well as the LAGS end-of-season Festivals. LAGS also acts as mediator should an issue arise during the season or Festival.


LAGS does not field any teams. If you are new to the area or are looking for a youth soccer club in which to enroll your daughter, visit the “Participating Clubs” page above to find the youth soccer club in your area.  Age group divisions are Under-10, Under-12, Under-15 and Under-19. Check with the youth soccer club in your area for the exact birth date ranges for each age division.