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FIRST GAME: April 9, 2017

SILENT SUNDAY: May 21, 2017

FESTIVAL: June 3 & 4, 2017

FESTIVAL RAIN DATES: June 10 & 11, 2017


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No Dave, THANK YOU !!!!




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Thank You and Good Bye


As many of you may know, I will be retiring as LAGS Commissioner and as Master Scheduler at the end of this season.  At our league’s pre-season meeting, I was presented with a number of “retirement” gifts, and I would like to sincerely thank all the member clubs of LAGS for their thoughtfulness.


Looking back,  I have been involved with LAGS for its entire 29-year life.   I was there at its formation back in 1988 and have been its Commissioner for the past 23 years.   And, it’s been a wonderful run, especially watching LAGS grow from its infancy to what I believe is and has been viewed over the many years as a well-established, well-respected recreational league with a reputation for quality for both for its regular season and its end-of-season event.  Of course, it couldn’t have happened without the commitment and cooperation of the dozens and dozens of volunteers from the member clubs over the years.   It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with all of you.


I will, however, be staying on as Festival Director until a replacement is found.  In the meantime, to all the LAGS member clubs, coaches, and players…thank you again and

play on!


LAGS Commissioner



Build-Out Line in Play for Under-10 Games


The Build-Out line, which is intended to put the ball back in play in a less pressured setting, will be implemented for all Under-10 games this season. 


For an explanation of the build-out line, click link below:




Original schedule document posting dates were 3/25. If a document has been revised, a revision date will be shown on the document and changes will be highlighted in yellow on the document. Revisions will also be shown below in the large chart with the date the document was posted.


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Latest Revision Posted 4/24

Posted Club / Team Division Document(s) Revision
3/28 Donegal U10 Schedule Filed Name was wrong.
3/28 Multiple U12 Schedule 10/29 Game start time change.
3/28 Multiple U10 Teams Coach email/phone changes.
3/28 Multiple U12 Teams Coach email/phone changes.
3/28 Multiple U15 Teams Coach email/phone changes.
3/31 Ephrata U10 ScheduleFilelds NEW HOME FIELD
3/31 Multiple U10 Teams Coach email/phone changes.
4/3 Lampeter 1 U12 Teams Coach new phone #
4/3 Cocalico 1 U12 Teams New Coach
4/3 Penn Manor 1 U10 Teams New Email
4/4 Solanco 2 U10 Teams New Coach
4/5 Manheim C. U10 Schedule 4/29 is a different game location
4/5 Manheim C. U12 Schedule / Fields NEW HOME FIELD
4/6 Lancaster U10 Teams New Coach
4/6 Lancaster U12 Teams New Coach
4/6 Lititz 2 U10 Teams New Email
4/19 GS 1 & 2 U10 Schedule Teams 1 & 2 swapped opponents
4/24 Solanco 2 U10 Teams Phone number change

New Substitution Rule!


Beginning this season, teams may substitute players on any throw-in, regardless of which team has possession.


In the past, the team without possession could substitute only if the team with possession was substituting.


Now, it doesn't matter. Either or both teams can substitute on any throw-in.



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(Lancaster Area Girls Soccer)

LAGS is the governing body for Lancaster County's girls recreational youth soccer league. LAGS schedules all the league’s games for both the Spring (April & May) and Fall (September & October) seasons as well as the LAGS end-of-season Festivals. LAGS also acts as mediator should an issue arise during the season or Festival.


LAGS does not field any teams. If you are new to the area or are looking for a youth soccer club in which to enroll your daughter, visit the “Participating Clubs” page above to find the youth soccer club in your area.  Age group divisions are Under-10, Under-12, Under-15 and Under-19. Check with the youth soccer club in your area for the exact birth date ranges for each age division.